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Toward a new economic stimulus for the region

The fact that the January 6 Sayama citizen University “late” food and agriculture of community business courses 7th “utilization and product development of Sayama tea brand”, I was allowed to talk.
The aim is “Sayama of this course has the feature that the Tokyo suburb that had a” rich agriculture “. In addition, agriculture is not only the food supply side, such as vegetables, I think in plays the role of a lush natural environment conservation. Well hippest community development such “food and agriculture”, considering standing town development to citizens and consumer point of view, citizen participation of 6 Next industrialization, new involvement side of the allotment gardens, agricultural tourism of development, such as regional brand product development, in cooperation with farmers and civil • consumer, it will spread potential for a new economic stimulus for the region. The “town development that take advantage of the food and agriculture”, consider the perspective of “community business” by citizens and consumer participation, farmers, citizens and consumers, associated companies is win-win-win, new Sayama It is in Na recycling and creative Shokuno creation of business, “the purpose. (Excerpt from the home page)
That many of the people and who have an interest in economic development projects in the area of ​​using the “Sayama tea” in the familiar, I’m glad.
Part 2 was a “cuisine that uses a tea” by Tsuchida TanSatoko who is the Cooking expert.
Image is “spinach Kekusare” and “fried wonton Sayama tea.”

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