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Towards quality tea production

I bought a British tea examination instrument.
The quality examination method of tea there is a US-style and UK-type, non-fermented tea is carried out in the United States type of cup only, fermented tea is done in English to use a pot and bowl.
The difference will be the extraction method and the bowl shape.
In recent years, it has been the production of black tea with actively green tea varieties in many places, we hear from the fact that people of most of the producers do not have the English examination instrument, and not able to high-quality black tea production.
So we aligned tea dedicated examination instrument.
Teapot thing of the wall thickness for a little top knob cylindrical. 62mm caliber, both in depth, capacity 140ml
Cup is diameter 83mm, depth 57mm, it will be those of the wall thickness to be stable when you next to put on the teapot.

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