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“Trim the branches of tea in the spring” is ideal

“Trim the branches of tea”, particularly in management necessary to machine plucking tea garden, a uniform plucking surface after plucking, done to Koha and Kikuki the leaves are not mixed.
In Sayama said, “arrange the branches of tea in the spring”, before moving is still buds of spring, will start to prospect the per equinoctial week of spring.
By the “Spring trim the branches of tea”, less susceptible to cold damage because there are a lot of winter of wearing the number of leaves, will also be less susceptible to frost damage frozen because time is delayed a few days of sprouting plucking.
In addition, since the bud number is reduced, bud will become heavier.
This is tied to the characteristics of the Sayama tea.
In a recent study, examining the total nitrogen content of the old leaves remain in the autumn, after which showed a high value of 4% in November, gradually decreased, increased again turned to March, most tea sprout growth that’s right was found to decrease significantly in the period.
This is the tree of tea, the nutrients accumulated in the old leaves, such as photosynthesis in preparation for the sprouting of the following year of the sprout, gradually transition from the leaves to the roots in winter that has entered the dormant season finished the activity, in the spring that extend the bud send it to sprout in the roots all at once, It is said that shows the activity results for survival as a plant.
In other words, “prepare the branches of tea in the autumn” is dropped the most since the nutrients the old leaves rich with a would drop cut in the fall rather than rational, cut the Koha in the spring of nutrients has become an empty shell moved to the roots ” trim the branches of tea in the spring, “what it has been said to be ideal.

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