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We are looking forward to your participation of many of everyone.

Will be held also “T (tea) -1 Grand Prix in Sayama” this year.
Date and time in time is March 8, 2015 13
This is intended to foster the “heart of compassion, hospitality” by where I am studying towards brewed delicious tea to the children to play in the future.
Born in practice the process of tea range (※ 1) “family gatherings,” “parent-child community news application”, etc., as a tool to deepen the ties of family “Sayama tea”
And we have to aim that you get to feel the splendor of that “using the teapot to drink tea.”
Elementary school 3 to 6th grade, I am waiting for the participation of many of you.
See ※ 1 tea range ① tea of knowledge 〇☓ written quiz
Kind against the competition of tea range ② tea
The brew better competition of tea range ③ tea

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