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While thanking for “KOTONOKAMI” state

February 8 is called (the eighth) today in “eighth days’ winter functions”.
Originally “a thing” was a festival and words to worship you, and to mean a thing, and an event to ever enshrine “KOTONOKAMI” on that day seemed to be performed.
Staple grains fertile wish took the first of the spring manure in a tea plantation while thanking this KOTONOKAMI.
In this season, I use “lime nitrogen” in my home.
From a nitrification suppressant effect by the lime nitrogen, inorganic state nitrogen can continue for a long time in the soil by performing application of effect of a fertilizer adjustment type manure in lime nitrogen, the beginning of March in the beginning of February.
There are in this way the data which NDF content in tea unrefined tea undergoes a change of low most.
This NDF is an ingredient to prepare the cell wall of the green tea into, and numerical value becomes big as a degree of enthusiasm (hardening) of the tea advances.
It is expected that I can anticipate improvement of the quality of the product by using this manure. 

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