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With air-conditioned clothes …

The calendar is the season of “Tsuchiuru Utemushi Atsushi”.
As the name suggests, it was a hot and humid time when the heat clung to it.
We humans are a little tired, but the vegetation is exposed to the sun, foliage grows and its greens become darker and darker.
Weeds in the tea plantations are also getting bigger and bigger.
My home where weeding with “Tedetol” is done as much as possible …
Troublesome vines require the removal of “potatoes”.
Follow the “vine”, squeeze the tea stock surface and pull out the “potato” part from the root.
At that time, it is necessary to “pull out the arm”.
By attaching this, you can cover from the wrist to the elbow and prevent scratches on the arm.
* “Tedetol” means “picking by hand” as the word implies, and refers to the work of picking pests and weeds by hand.

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