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From Russia of the country

Alexander’s is in Kobe “Corporation Tea company” is now coming.
Although it a Russian-born, by people who have made graduated from the Graduate School of Kobe University of Economics, Japanese is fluent
Russian, of course, smart ass English, Japanese, that the total lodge the seven countries language.
Japanese tea love is Takaji, I want to work to deal with tea
Including the Russian people, I want to convey the splendor of Japanese tea to people of many countries …
Truly I love Japanese tea …
Rather than how to catch as a drink that moisten the throat, and had been regarded as a drink that enrich the mind.
We will not remind you of “something” that has been forgotten.
It is of course Japanese that fluent but, LINE input was also surprised What alphabetical notation.
The thing is that in that massaged the Sayama tea fair for in a friend’s house “hand rubbing tea”, it was bother you here as well.

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