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Agricultural free paper “VOICE” No. 35 has arrived.

his free paper is intended to have published the “Corporation NOPPO”, to “create a place of encounter of the agricultural industry and the university” as a mission, also hot young people to “agriculture by working in the agricultural industry, Japan’s agriculture more cheerfully! “agriculture free paper” VOICE “to the vision of the production and issuance and the agricultural industry map” Agri-map “production and distribution, and implementation of, and agricultural training, is a company that has developed businesses, such as exhibitors of agricultural events .
Former agriculture information is a so-called 3K industry (hard, dirty, dangerous), is progressing aging no one is young people, the image is called “dark industry” and so there was strong. However, now in the hot in agriculture, in good health, we have grown up young people in anticipation of the next management.
So to go become agriculture of Japan is to better the industry, through the provision of the place of the outgoing and activities of agricultural information, I was born a company from the feelings and important to create a place of encounter of the agricultural industry and university students is.
6th generation our company has been published in such a wonderful free paper.
Focusing on public and private universities and agriculture large school of the country, four times a year (March, June, September, December), is so has been issued every issue 6,000 copies.
We hope you’ll take your hand.

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