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I did a production of “second flash” that uses a two-crop bud.

This “Benifuuki” is variety registration in 1995 as a tea varieties of domestic, smell, taste, in any color of this laptop is the overseas tea.


This leaves that were “withering (ginkgo)”.
Since the temperature many had relatively air also dry is always without good condition.
Figs like, it is indescribable fruit smell.
Is the tea leaves were “fermentation”.
By the enzyme, we can see the tea leaves became red color of the tea-specific.
Is the tea leaves was the “fermentation stopped,” “dry”.
Color is changing dark red.
After this through the maturing of about two months, cutting, removing stems, it will continue to market and re-drying over the winnower.
Please wait for a while to line up in the shop.
Heavily than fast flash, and it finished with a gem with a deep.
Please look forward to please.

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