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Application of the substitute material of the compost

The compost is precious material for the stable production of farm products and the making of soil, but it is the fact that the application quantity decreases from lack of thing and materials which labor hangs year by year.

Because becoming it went ahead through the residential land of the fields, and the tea plantation of my home was dotted with these areas to be surrounded by houses, a bad smell of the compost became the big problem.
Of course the issue of bad smell with the compost performs application of effective “AZUMIN” because it leads to labor saving of the compost application to supply humus acid as substitute material of the compost.
Because “AZUMIN” is material supplying the humus acid which is an important element of the fertility of soil, I can expect an effect like the compost.
I greatly distribute it and include three effects.
1.Effect humus acid content to make fertility of soil, cation exchange capacity (CEC:) I improve power) to keep manure, buffering ability for the change, physics-related (breathability, water retentivity) of the soil of pH.
2.Because effect cation exchange capacity to make a manure effect becomes big, ability to hold a manure ingredient increases and is reduced flow my late が. The effect promotion of three elements (nitrogen, phosphoric acid, K) of the manure in particular, soil immobilized prevention, solubilizing effect of phosphoric acid, a flow my late prevention effect of the K become important.
3.A root is activated mainly by the ingredient which begins to melt with water, and, in humus acid included in effect AZUMIN to make the activity of the root, the development (extension of the root, increase in quantity of Japanese radish) of the root system, nourishment absorption by the activation of the root are promoted.

In making intertillage after dispersion of the last of the tea plantation management come to work.

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