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As a regional resource

June 24, everyone of Sayama Municipal Shinsayama Elementary School third grader and Sayama municipal Iruma Kawahigashi elementary school children was please come to our company.
Mean that “our Sayama”, those that learn the industry and culture in Sayama
The children of your “Shinsayama elementary school”, I was allowed to talk about the transition of the knob side of tea.
The convenience of school business, Shinsayama experience learning of elementary school everyone will continue on the 26th.
Also we are allowed to talk to the children of your “Irimagawa Higashi elementary school.”
From here is the learning landscape of your east elementary school children.
It was actually also riding to riding management device to the teacher of third grade in charge.
Tea is picking experience.
Since also become souvenirs of the home in the “one-core 2-leaf”, it is carefully picked.
Production from the convenience of the time machine but did not work, it is the factory tour.
And we are allowed to talk about the type of tea.
We also our learning about who brewed delicious tea.
After this, it was brewed actually tea on their own.
By such a learning experience, in the familiar “Sayama tea” is more know, we wanted to After me interested.
In addition we also have thought that if Ika grateful that we can be involved in the local resources “Sayama tea”.

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