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While rain drizzle

From the relationship between the other day school business, your 3-year-old child was the only tour of the tea-picking landscape “Sayama Municipal Shinsayama elementary school” is now coming.
“Tea picking experience” of in the rain drizzle
The children absolutely without Care About Rain
“Tea factory tour”
Because it was a description of in the machine it is actually moving, whether you able to understand …
“Hand of using a hot plate also seen tea experience”
Using chopsticks since it is not between the start, from where it is stirred the tea leaves …
Delicious brew of tea, you’ll have to keep you know the characteristics of tea
We were looking at the “kind of tea.”
It is a “tasty brew the way of tea”.
After this, we were actually brewed in children.
This time there is also coverage of Mr. “Sayama cable TV” of local, children excitedly
The occasion is this learning, it was able to be successfully completed by the help of the children of the family.
For “Sayama tea” in the familiar this opportunity, I hope that the conversation in the parent and child is born.
And many people, even one person After me interested in tea, and I think.

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