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As one of the experience education

June 28 your children of Jr science doctoral course of the Japan Research education building is now to come to us.
This course is to show the real world that is alive, was allowed to experience, we have the educational philosophy that to organize again textbook center this.
[Tea of ​​science] and referred to the today’s curriculum is “to make the visit to tea farmers” tea-picking “. Leaves picked tea will be on the received guidance from local grandfather” hands only tea “” that thing
I think that if you can bring them wearing the true knowledge by acting through the work.
First of all I am picking tea
Tea making in the “final proof” that you use a hot plate
Notebook making with dedicated file … we will learn firmly to the production method from the history of “tea”.
After you experience the hand rubbing tea, it is a tea factory tour.
Tea is hand made in the machine process and I will explain how the hits in any part of the real tea.
The “mind to science”
Various questions came out from young doctors.

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