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“Green tea DE Hokkoriocha meeting in Cocoon City” was held on November 3 Learn about fun tea of ​​various production areas in the Kanto region! ~ It has been published in today’s Nihon’nogyoshinbun.
Although it is feeling afresh, to widely consumer of everyone, also that and tea there is a producer of a variety of tea in the Kanto region will know that like there are many varieties, you can actually make sure the taste, producer It was something in that will let you increase the interest in tea by or heard from.
This time, in addition to mini-seminar on tea was held, “Kobaton (Saitama mascot) and tea quiz together” and orchid-shaped (lunge) to children’s for (export from Japan in the Meiji and Taisho era abroad panel exhibition of things colorful label) affixed to the tea box is, well as tea type quiz and orchid-shaped coaster building experience has been carried out.
The day is so customers who have participated of about 700 people.
It is good if you could have an interest in Japanese tea Kanto Agricultural stations tract even a little through this business.

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