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Field demonstration of new technology

I have participated in was held the December 4 Iruma Museum venue “” Innovative Technology Demonstration Project “tea-related 4 issues joint recital.”
This is the purpose is to field demonstrate the effectiveness of new technology in tea production, to disseminate research results to such as tea producers, distribution processing industry and consumers.
This is close to the Tokyo large consumption areas, independently and tea to management to sell yourself (diene self-made-house sales), including many Saitama Prefecture, tea industry stakeholders around Kanto, issues management of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, etc. The thing that has been planning the parties to the subject.
This was made of such as “empirical studies of highly profitable production system in the domestic demand for tea production,” “empirical studies of Japanese tea production system that can respond to overseas export.”
Presenter, in people who have a leading-edge research and development of the Japanese tea, Kawasaki Kiko Development Director Takeshi ,, Shizuoka tea industry research center Noriyuki Mr. Nakano Okada, Nakamura anterograde Mr. Shizuokekenritsudai, University of Tsukuba Ujiie Seiwa Mr., Mononobe Manami Mr. NARO vegetables tea Research.
Latest international and domestic marketing information, the functionality of the tea, which is the future of time further attention, research data that becomes the new technologies and the background of the tea that glared overseas markets, about the possibility of technology to back up the tea production and etc. , It was a recital that becomes the very study.

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