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Collaboration with the tea and the five senses

We went to the “festival of world tea Festival 2016 autumn”.
This festival is for the purpose of “such as the production of inheritance and creativity and new tea of ​​tea culture, further to spread the tea culture that is loved around the world”, this year will be held once every three years since the start of the 2001 fiscal year in is the sixth held.
World Tea Festival and was held in June [Rite of Spring], [celebration of autumn] this and will be held twice a year.
Whereas in the Rite of Spring has become the venue Shizuoka prefecture each place, for the celebration of autumn has been the main venue for the event Convention Arts Center “Granship” Shizuoka, you can look around the many booths at a time.
This time the theme of “~ to Feel at five senses the Enlightenment ~ O-CHA the O-CHA”, tea and food, tea and flowers, such as tea and music, not just taste the tea, sensibility along with tea that feed was possible events.
In the event, “World Green Tea Conference” by producing and consuming countries of the “World Green Tea Contest” and green tea to make a contest of tea collected from around the world, it is possible to know how to enjoy the world of tea tea party “World Grand Tea Ceremony “such as, entertainment related to tea been conducted a large number, in particular,” world O-CHA Messe “, Japan and the world of tea has been exhibited and sold, we were able to taste the beginning with the domestic and tasteful tea overseas Shizuoka .
“Collaboration with tea and the five senses” of this time, lead to the enjoyment of the new tea, was I think the lead to tea development.

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