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A great opportunity

Kawagoe to leave November 1 was held in the venue “Kanto Tokai Hokuriku, Kinki China Shikoku agriculture research Promotion Council Joint tea industry Group 2016 fiscal year local Study Group”, that the “topic provides”, allowed to podium whats.
For the corresponding possible tea industry management in the market to change significantly the future, but to examine the way of acquisition and testing and research, etc. associated with it challenges, “the sixth-order industrial”, theme tea industry management as a “6-order industrialization , it was the current situation and challenges. ”
Kanto Tokai Hokuriku region each prefectures governments, research institutes, Kinki Tyuugoku  Shikoku region each prefectures governments, research institutes, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry of Production Bureau, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council Secretariat, Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau, NARO National Agricultural Research Center, afternoon sun this agricultural research center, the people of even 50 people from fruit tea industry research department now gatherings.
Lecture in such a thing a lot of learning, we would like to thank everyone for giving me a great opportunity.

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