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I make delicious Sayama tea steamed for a long time at the Yokota farm.

I went on the platform as a lecturer of the seminars in “Moroyama-machi” that was the Japanese oldest citron “Katsuragi citron” and the hometown of the swimming swimming race player “Daiya Seto” player.
I gave a lecture in “Sayama tea cultivated “lively in university Moroyama” by a tradition and culture carried out as one policy about the way of future life study promotion based on low birthrate and aging society, a subject to the future”.
This lecture took in the contents which raised the awareness as the leading figure of the community as well as a hobby and the making of definite aim. That the that many people are engaged in Sayama tea production in the Mt. Moro seemed to come, remains to one hand now once…I had you invite it by saying to already review imminent Sayama tea once.
I worked as “a lecturer” and became the best experience to raise oneself.
I thank for having had you call it.

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