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I make delicious Sayama tea steamed for a long time at the Yokota farm.

“Kaga stick tea” is one kind of roasted tea used mainly with “stem” of tea, not the tea-leaf peculiar to Hokuriku area and Kaga.
It’s said that the sweet and fragrant fragrance roasted quickly by a high flame is said to be to the extent a honeybee is coming near in case of roast only using a stem excellent in quality.
Noda shop teahouse” called an originator of “Kaga stick tea”, make, I was bothering you.
The store Hatsuyo Magoshichi moves from Noda in Kanazawa (in 1859) in 1859 here, and it’s said that the business has been started at this place by Kanazawa and Tatemachi, and where since then gets a good tea-leaf, roasts in the store and reports tea to Kanazawa’s everybody for 154 years.
I had tendency to return the building born in 1941 in Kanazawa Tatemachi to the original form, and a concept was worked out, and it was said that they remodeled it as a gallery of tea “total cafe”, and the first floor of part was the space where a customer can enjoy all tea. The location fresh green is conspicuous in spring in a shopping area, and a wind is supplied in summer, and by which autumn can enjoy a snow scene in the autumnal colors of the maple and winter.
The “Kaga stick tea” you do private roast of was to be different from the “roasted tea” which is generally sold and be roasted shallowly, and you avoided the astringency in the tea and were drawing out fragrance and the delicacy by which tea keeps primarily importantly in such environment.

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