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Feelings does not change even now

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries tea industry Experiment Station (now the National Research and Development Institute of Agriculture and Food Research Organization National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science Kanaya tea industry research center) Agricultural trainee, the first graduating class of 21 reunion was held in the land of Kyoto .
The trainee system is only in the installation institutions of the country, in the successor-leader training facility for the tea industry, advanced technical personnel, is a training system that places the guidance staff.
“Tea industry successor of development” and “contribute to the tea industry promotion of the region” in the history of is operated for the purpose of 90-odd years, graduates went to nest more than 1200 people, excellent in the national tea production area tea industry management, has worked as a tea industry leaders as a leader of the local agriculture, or a local public organizations and agricultural cooperatives.
Graduation for 35 years month to have left flow, but members immediately go back to those days.
North of Ibaraki south to Kagoshima,
“To a lot of people, even one person, with a delicious Japanese tea to put hot breath, the mind also want to send a happy time also warm body.”
Such a thought is, it does not change even now.
The next step is looking forward to 2020, also is delicious sake can be together.
Since it came much trouble to Kyoto, cafe tour using the “Japanese tea”
So Sunday which store did not even put quite in crowded, but it was a good learning.

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