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Taste and smell that was in the taste of the modern people

February 23, “new varieties Motomehyo Meeting” was held Saitama Prefecture tea industry Institute venue.
Varieties of tea are just the ones that are registered, there are about 70 varieties (green tea).
This just in spite of a variety of types, about 70% of the production volume is occupied by varieties of “Yabukita”.
Currently, most of lined up in the retail store is also differ in origin is this “Yabukita” has become a center.
However, the past few years, has become many people to cast fear in the current situation of “Yabukita” full commitment.
While is said that green tea boom, the protagonist is a pet bottle, Japanese tea to diversification of taste is not an exaggeration to say that is no longer cope.
This is true also with the adverse effect of a single breed.
Individuality is the man also tea is also important.
Under such circumstances, we have been participating in the information exchange meetings about the taste and smell that was in the taste of the modern people.
With regard to the image is what was borrowed.
The details of this can be found in the February 24 date Nihon’nogyoshinbun the Tokyo metropolitan area.

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