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For the purpose of improving productivity

Tea trees, as trees also hundreds of years old are extant, but is longevity as trees, harvesting and cultivation, and try to the economic age that sold as tea products, it is said that 50 years from 30 years .
Young trees, playback capability is also high, yield, it may be the quality, and over the years, declining vigor, you will not be expected also yield. Then, remove the old tree (uprooting), planted the seedlings, as a new tea garden, off the re-start.
This is referred to as “replanted” in the tea plantation.
The purpose of replanting, but is the center of rejuvenation of tea plantations that decrepit,
Expansion of the period plucking by a combination introduction of ① better varieties
② uptime improvement of the tea factory
Promotion of tea development that distinctive by the cultivation and manufacture of taking advantage of the characteristics of ③ varieties
④ introduction of tailored varieties tea to the product development of the actual demand’s
We expected productivity improvement by structural reform of the tea production.
In can not be provided with the moth waste tea plant from environmental issues Sayama region, disrupting the tea plant above ground by hammer mower, to proceed with the preparation of the replanted in a way that leveling cut the underground part in Rotary.

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