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Rejuvenation of tea plantation

When the tea trees every year do the plucking, you have leaves branches gradually thin dense to fall even open leaf number is less yield becomes small.
In addition, every year the tree height increases, so will become difficult to plucking, quality and sustained yield, in order to maintain the proper height as seen from the working conditions, dropping reap stock surface to look at, such as branches and buds of the situation the (pruning) is called the update.
Update by way of pruning, shallow cutting, deep cutting, medium cut, it can be divided into four stand-cutting.
Collectively these are also referred to as the “rejuvenation of tea plantation.”
This is a work that is referred to as the “middle cut”, and prepares the branch at the thick of the stem of the ground 30 ~ 40cm.
You’ve been playing the young buds in about two weeks later.

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