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For the purpose of quantity of outbreak restraint of “nitrous oxide”

Because “a spring type” came to emerge to the neighbor, a weather chart soon at “the beginning of spring”, I began application with the spring manure first in a tea plantation.
In this season, I use “lime nitrogen” in my home.
From a nitrification suppressant effect by the lime nitrogen, inorganic state nitrogen can continue for a long time in the soil by performing application of effect of a fertilizer adjustment type manure in lime nitrogen, the beginning of March in the beginning of February.
In addition, it is said that quality becomes higher because a lot of free amino acid contents included in the unrefined tea have few crude fiber contents even if an appearance divergence advances.
In addition, 24-40% of the quantity of annual nitrogen application are said in a tea plantation by substituting in lime nitrogen that I can reduce quantity of outbreak of nitrous oxide (nitrous oxide) from the soil between the furrow of the tea plantation approximately 50% on the average.
This nitrous oxide, N2O) are one of the main greenhouse gas generated from farmland and are an ozone depletion material.
Because the discharge coefficient (ratio of quantity of N2O-N outbreak for the quantity of fertilization nitrogen) of the N2O in the tea plantation is higher than 0.62% of farms that 2.9% and other crops are cultivated, the reduction of the discharge is demanded.

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