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Be brought up to the healthy, tender woman

I displayed a doll sent to the shop by the parents’ house of the bride.
“It is a doll” loaded with a wish to be brought up to the woman who a grandchild born in July is healthy, and is tender.
It is loaded with thinking to be beautiful again, and to grow up, and to be endowed with good marriage that an evil falls and does not hang over my child because this doll is a thing catching the evil as a scapegoat (I work as a person) of the babies.

There are many things which are called “a catalog of books” (a persimmon) because the eyes of the kimono-dressed wooden doll write in eyes with a thin writing brush, but, as for this doll, it is with “the expenditure” that a glass bead enters, and I become clear in the softness of the kimono-dressed wooden doll, and pretty eyes live.

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