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From estimated tea picking time 50 days ago

Because a warm day continued; in the house “fix the tea stock side in spring”; started it.
Concerning 10 consecutive holidays, it is the start from wanting to harvest it the consecutive holidays ago this year.
 At the time to fix the tea stock side in spring, 50-60 days ago and one doing become the theory than estimated tea picking time, and it is in Sayama with from the middle of March to the end.
When I harvest the first tea with a tea picking machine, what fix this tea stock side fixes the branch beforehand and is the work that you must do in what you prepare for so that you harvest only a sprout when I pick up tea, and an old tea leaf does not join by all means.
Of spring is before a bud still moves, and it is with the tea of the model that is heavy a bud with the thickness of the tea leaf which “seems to be the thing Sayama tea” which is late for “spring in fixing the tea stock side to perform when a root began activity a little at time to pick up the tea which should fix the tea stock side”.
In addition, after having shown the high value of 4% in November when I check all nitrogen content of an old leaf left in autumn in a recent study, I gradually decrease and it is in March and increases again and it is big for the first tea sprout growth period and knows that I decrease.
A tea plant photosynthesizes this for the portent of the sprout of the next year and seems to show an activity result for survival to an old leaf as a plant to gradually move the nourishment that I saved to the root from a leaf in the winter when I finish activity and entered for the dormancy period, and to send it to a sprout all at once, and to stretch out a bud from the root when it is in spring. In other words, cut an old leaf in spring when nourishment moves to a root, and became the cast-off shell, and drop it; it is said to be an ideal “to fix the tea stock side in spring”.

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