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Good Sayama tea Tea plantation management Autumn skiffing

A tea plant enters the system to make the next sprout which becomes first plucked tea after autumn skiffing implementation in the next year (winter sprout) enrich.
Time as early as possible is done with opportunity and is said to be 18-19 ℃ of time by the average temperature in the area which doesn’t germinate as the opportunity put into effect.
It’s necessary that the plucking surface which does the depth by the location where the new leaf lush from summer to autumn was hardened, secures the fixed wear leaf amount (more than 8 cm of leaf layer) and overcomes becomes uniform.
The tea plantation the 1st time of skiffing has finished seems to be a patchwork.
Because it was hot weather this year and I changed, the start was made late, but for the temperature to fall so suddenly really….

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