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I have made a “business notification”.

The “Food Sanitation Law” has been amended, and even my family, who runs the tea industry, is now subject to the “Business Notification System”.
The content of the notification will be the name of the person making the notification, the location of the facility, the form of business, information on the foods that are mainly handled, and the name of the person in charge of food hygiene.
In addition, the food business operator of the notification facility is obliged to manage hygiene in accordance with HACCP.
Approximately 15 years have passed since the last revision of the Food Sanitation Law, etc., and due to changes in the household structure, changes in food needs such as increased demand for cooked foods, eating out and ready-to-eat meals, and imported foods. The environment surrounding food and food has changed, such as the progress of globalization of food such as the increase in food. And it is an urgent issue to deal with health hazards caused by food, such as the outbreak of food poisoning over a wide area beyond prefectures and the end of the decrease in the number of food poisoning outbreaks. In addition, in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and the promotion of food exports, food hygiene management that is consistent with international standards will be required.

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