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I jump (feather) and raise economy

December 18 special day that carries events in its trail
I displayed “a battledore” in the shop.
The battledore celebrates first New Year holidays of the girl and is an important decoration to pray for jumping, and avoiding malarial air, and growing up safely beautifully.
As for the history of the battledore, burr branch play carried out in the Imperial Court from the seventh century is said to be the origin, and a spatula which I used-shaped branch changes, and it is said to a battledore that it was.
I jump (feather), and a born child moves malarial air, and it is said that happiness and prosperity entrusted the battledore which I put elegant, splendid decoration for with a wish to come of age in good health wealthily. In addition, the battledore to be informed when I jump (feather) and discharge economy by being a form of the lucky increasing prosperity is decorated as a lucky charm of my wife security, business prosperity.
Until small New Year holidays, I let you display it.

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