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I make delicious Sayama tea steamed for a long time at the Yokota farm(Tea plantation management coating)

I began the coating work of the tea plantation of the bare ground.
Even if the quality improvement effects such as the improvement of the leaf color by the coating, the increase in taste ingredient start coating at either time for 2 – leaf stage for 1 leaf stage, I am approximately said to be the same class.
On the other hand, the content of all nitrogen and taste ingredients changes slightly low when I delay a coating start until 2.5 leaf stage.
It is said that it is most suitable for 2 – leaf stage to start coating for 1.5 leaf stage.
As for the tea leaf, resolution speed of the chlorophyl decreases, and come to dark green-colored, the activity of the enzyme decreases by coating a tea plantation with shading material during the growth of the sprout, and shutting out the light for a certain period of time, and bringing you up; and from theanine (taste ingredient) catechin (Tannin:) Composition to bitterness ingredient) is controlled, and taste is strong, and bitterness decreases.

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