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I make delicious Sayama tea steamed for a long time at the Yokota farm(Tea plantation management protection against frost)

The winter bud which wintered of the tea has decreased cold resistance as I begin to grow up from the early spring.
When -2 degrees Celsius is as follows in -3 degrees Celsius, 1-2 leaf open leaf stage at -5 degrees Celsius (temperature of the leaf), portent time at time portent two weeks ago, it is said that damage occurs each.
I greet “portent time” soon in the tea plantation of the house cultivation for the purpose of the early shipment.
I prevent the temperature drop in the house by lighting “a lantern” in following every day, house of the flower cold.
This lantern is a thing called  Feuerhand Lantern, and air taken in a burner (chamber) of the upper tank which a core was attached to is warmed by heat of the flame.
By this warm air, I prevent “frost damage” caused by the cold at the same level as the depth of winters.

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