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I make use in next sum tea production

The second tea production was finished safely, too and came that it produced “sum tea” in the home of the acquaintance.

By a tasting of each tea which I cooked recently, it is confirmed the difference by the kind, the manufacturing process.

The machine which lets a tea leaf wither up artificially



Unrefined tea

The all who gathered this time
It is oneself, Kajiwara of Kumamoto Minamata, Yoshida of the Yoshida, Koga-shi, Ibaraki tea plantation owner, flow orchid of the blue crane tea store, Yokota of the Izumi shop tea store from the left.
I participated in a making of tea discussion meeting while processed tea did the second flash bulb of kind “Izumi” of the illusion By the kindness of Yoshida tea plantation this time.
Even if it was said that all the fixed ideas of the tea production were overturned as for the exchange of opinions with all of who knew the world depth sum tea, it was not exaggeration.
I was able to spend significant time so that time forgot to pass.
it cannot be said that I adopt all, but it is made with next “sum tea” and wants to keep it alive environmentally.
※About the image, I borrowed It partly.

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