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Tea picking of the tea leaf for steamed and dried tea leaves

The second tea began the tea picking of the tea leaf for end game, steamed and dried tea leaves, too.

The thickness of the leaf becomes thin, and the tea bud which I perform coating for 1.5 leaf stage, and performed 25-day direct credit coating during a coating period knows that green thickens.

The steamed and dried tea leaves” mean an original leaf before grinding it in powdered green tea in a stone mill.
Chlorophyl increases in tea by shading the light with a cover as a tea plantation, and is soft, and is bright; become green. In addition, bitterness is seized, and sweetness, taste becomes strong.
I bring in this tea leaf to Japanese northernmost Sayama steamed and dried tea leaves studio “Asuka”.
it is a pleasure now that it is possible for “powdered green tea of bright Sayama where a young leave-colored resembled with the taste that the pine needle which I shaded bright positive light with is transparent”

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