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I was impressed.

Leave March 8 “2nd T-1 Grand Prix in Sayama” was held.
The T-1 Grand Prix is ​​a tournament to decide the elementary school students of tea champion to be held in various places.
Content is “tea range 1”, quiz related to tea
“Tea range 2”, tea types quiz
“Tea range 3”, and brewed towards the tea, in has been configured.
This time of Sayama tournament participants 75 people
Finals was compete towards brewed in three people.
Widely reported in the newspaper, his Although it was not able to look the Qualifying Events in behind the scenes, it was a carefully very impressed with the appearance the tea is brewed in when I am allowed to look the final review.
Only to become attached permutation event will not be helped, but many of your child, even one person by brewing tea at home, it was the moment that I wish me become smile conversation is born.

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