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“Urban development”, “human resources”

Leave March 11, and has been bother you at eleven members of “Sayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry tea Group” to “Oshima Seikichi shopping”‘s Ibaraki Prefecture Koga.
This is when he was accepting chairman of Sayama Chamber of Commerce youth, and one that was realized in the trailing edge, is also a teahouse’s helped me at the time of graduation thesis also 6 generation company.
Playful also does not have forgotten
Is the predecessor and friend “Tadatsugu” Mr., words of soft two people of demeanor invite you to lavish time along with the scent of elegant tea.
Here store dare without putting a large furniture, and is finished in a simple one.
This seems to consideration of the so that the tea’s Oshima zoo, fun workshops collaboration will be held.
Activity of the region is that of course is the development of their own subsistence, and or has been going through a such as “urban development”, “workshop” in that there needs to be a “human resources” and “tea matchmaking”, was the direction which has enthusiasm .
And a number feel the era of “finishing Machine” in the store back
Oshima Garden “Sashima tea” will be created from here.
Primary Oshima Seikichi and founder, early origin Taisho, and that has been tea wholesaler establishment of local Sashima tea.
Feeling that I think the founder has appeared firmly in this apron.
This training was a really large place to learn.
Oshima like you I would like to thank to take this opportunity.
Thank you very much.
I was allowed to commemorate shooting after a long time of reunion.

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