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I was is not a help to spread business.

Members of everyone in Saitama Agricultural Extension Society was please come to our company.
This time that it referred to as “know the current status of Sayama tea”, “JGAP” tea suppliers and Iruma City Museum “Alit” to work on, and seems to training in our company to work to “6 Next industrialization”.
This By “Saitama agricultural extension Society” is a practical and comprehensive rooted on the scene “extension services”.
This is not intended to be completed only by one person spread staff farmers, municipal officials, agricultural organizations and sprinkled officials, the officials of research institutes and universities, be stacked to discuss agriculture and rural problem areas in the open form, etc. that the need, practice surface to spread business of Saitama, as well as support from the theoretical surface, it is society that has been established for the purpose of contributing to the agricultural and rural development.
Workshop with us at people who had make yourself working as a leader in the Saitama Prefecture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Although has been a certain whether the concern that you learn …
Efforts to sixth-order industry but is of course, cultivation and production of Sayama tea, ranging up towards brewed delicious tea, now with a wide range of content.
I hope you this time of training me helped to agriculture and rural development, Saitama.

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