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In consideration to the environment

This time that since October of the dormant and have tea tree also wake up from a long sleep towards the new tea,
In Yokota garden of tea, we are seeded first time fertilizer in the spring.
The reason for this is turned on, is what is called the “lime nitrogen”.
The 24-40% of the annual nitrogen application amount is replaced by lime nitrogen in tea garden, by the application, can be monoxide two reduced by about 50% the amount of generated an average of nitrogen from the ridge between the soil of tea, friendly environment I can tea making.
It friendly environment is of course, but inorganic nitrogen content in the soil can be maintained at a high level until late that by June to be combined with the controlled availability fertilizer, you can properly maintain the inorganic nitrogen content in the soil even during the rainy season .
In addition most tea, free amino acid content that is included in the rough in tea of two crop also many quality regardless of the combination of fertilizer effect regulated fertilizer and lime nitrogen is progressing to De opening high, that crude fiber content is less results have not been reported.


After application will then mix well with the soil.
To prevent vaporization of fertilizer component by mixing the fertilizer and soil, has the effect of increasing the decomposition.
Also, mix and not offset by rain after fertilization occurs, you may cause to erosion or, partially concentration failure.

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