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In order to deepen the interest of the regional brand

Even cooperation shop, will be happy to help this year.
To greet the third time this year, “T-1 Grand Prix in Sayama”
This tournament everyone who have participated also of 100 people near the children last year, will be held again this year.
This the “T-1 Grand Prix”, the winner, “champion” aimed at, competitions of tea that elementary school students to challenge only three of the competition on their own force.
competition and challenge will be to from the following three.
Tea range 1 “written ○ × quiz”
Challenge 2 “kind against the competition of tea”
Tea range 3 “Inserting practical competition of tea”
And I decided to “champion” by the total score of each competitor, be awarded T-1 Dr. certification, won winners besides who in addition to appoint to the Sayama tea tea ambassador, teapot to a large number of prizes and all participants gift will be provided.
This is intended to give nurtured a “champion” to not only compete, to children who are responsible for the future, delicious tea brewed by will learn the person “of compassion, hospitality heart”, the practice of consultation such as born in the course “family hearthstone,” “parent-child communication”, Sayama tea as a material to deepen the bonds of family. In particular, “using the teapot to drink tea” splendor of it was started and I want to feel the children. In addition, we expect a growing interest in local production for local consumption and regional learning to deepen the knowledge of Sayama tea made with “tea scented town Sayama”.
With that said, “prior learning” of the tournament, we were allowed to entry as cooperation shop tells us that of tea.

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