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In the best situation

I have participated in the “Plucking Optimum Judgment Meeting” sponsored by the Sayama City Tea Industry Association.
Plucking is the final step in the cultivation of tea plants, and the suitability and skill of plucking directly affects the yield of fresh leaves and the quality of tea, so it is the most sensitive task.
Quality and yield are inversely correlated, as tea is picked while the shoots are growing.
Delayed harvesting results in higher yields but lower quality.
In addition, caffeine, catechin, amino acid (theanine), etc., which are the main components, gradually increase as the shoots grow, but when the leaves harden and the core buds stop, they decrease sharply and crude fibers increase. It leads to deterioration of quality.
It is important to determine the harvesting time to ensure a high yield while maintaining good quality, and that is the optimal harvesting time.

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