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Japanese tea mania

July 6, customers of the French nationality was please come to our company in the Swiss resident.
When this person came to Japan, I met with the tea pack of deep steamed tea, was impressed by the taste, color beauty of, seems to us to frequently visit to Japan.
In that case but it is of course to go to buy tea, it is the more authentic Japanese tea mania that continue to buy the teapot is Demui to Aichi Prefecture Tokoname.
Currently have to open a workshop of Japanese tea, it seems to me to introduce the Japanese tea cultivated in tradition and culture to the people of Switzerland.
This time around the tea producing area of ​​Sayama, Shizuoka, Uji,Yame, to look at the production site, where they drink can actually tea, was please come in will stay of one month in that we want to talk to the people of Switzerland .
Manufacturing process seems to have sometimes seen, but it seems to have surprised to be made through a number of steps.
Also, why steamed? Why rub? I was interested in the story.
As with wine, the difference in taste due to varieties, the difference in taste by the cultivation method (covering-open field), I have felt the difference due to the production method (deep steamed, shallow steamed).
This is the your edge, I hope if you could know more “Sayama tea” to people overseas.

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