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Learn about fun tea of ​​various production areas of the Kanto suburbs!

Leave November 3, we have participated in the third edition of the “green tea DE Hokkoriocha meeting in Cocoon” in the Cocoon Plaza is a huge commercial facility Cocoon City adjacent to Saitama Shintoshin.
This is Kanto agricultural administration office, in order to achieve the increased consumption of green tea (leaf tea) consumption has been sluggish, consumers of your tea and new varieties are made in the Kanto region, the delicious drinking and enjoyment of tea it is intended to propose to.
The venue is a loose character of Saitama Prefecture “Kobaton” also appeared
On the day of “Shizuoka”, “Kanagawa”, “Ibaraki” each tea producing area of ​​”Saitama” gathered, “Kanto suburbs of various Read more about tea production area!” The theme panel exhibition and mini-seminars on tea, Tay tea, initiatives such as tea Marche was held.
In our company is a Saitama Prefecture encourage variety “Sayama Kaori” and “Okuharuka”, as the sixth-order industrialization efforts, it was participated in the with the Suites using the Sayama tea.
We were tasting the “Sayama tea” to the many people of more than 700 people.
5 generation company on the stage was also let me …… receive the instructors of mini-seminars.

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