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Tie a Japanese tea and customer

November 7, fifth generation with a qualification of Japanese tea instructor and Japanese tea advisor full-time instructors, as manufacturing instructor of “Japanese tea Advisor Training School Tokyo School” in the “Tokyo tea industry Hall” in Tokyo Shinbashi, Japanese tea sixth generation with instructor qualifications, Japanese tea instructor Saitama Prefecture Branch went to the workshop of “About breed tea have begun attracting attention now” organized.
So far the Japanese tea advisor qualification, after attending communication education association to practice, and has been acquired by receiving the test.
However, learning method based on communication education, because there is learning by self-management in the home required, there was also the case facing the test while no you can not have enough learning
This “Japanese tea adviser training school” is wearing a basic knowledge of Japanese tea, skills, the instruction technology, and the purpose to learn the qualifications of advisors connecting the tea and consumers, all eight times (each time 3 units of instruction) In held, Japanese tea instructor qualified of “full-time lecturer” loaded with learning and experience for each field is in charge, you can attend classes while sprinkled with interesting fun exercise, fun with school-type knowledge of Japanese tea while learning, it is a system for obtaining a Japanese tea advisor qualifications.
Day course of the two subjects of “cultivation of tea,” “production of tea” is opened, there was a practice in each.
This was used to “memorial service unit”, it is burning experience.
As for “variety tea” in the “Saitama Prefecture Branch” organized, aims at getting to understand the difference of taste due to the difference in the manufacturing process according to of course the same kind that I am tasting the varieties tea that has now become a hot topic It was a workshop that was.
Also referred to as “cha Murie” the alias “Japanese tea instructor” and “Japanese tea Advisor”.
Becomes a Japanese tea and customer contact, development and Japanese tea Japanese tea culture. I want you to do my best to correct understanding and dissemination.

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