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Learn It was often training

Training and travel a little to see the facilities related to the occupation and say, in many travel to the main members mutual social, I was training this time to learn there are many in many ways.11.121
Or Kamaboko-ya’s is related to what? It said is is likely, but the,
Here at “Suehiro”, through handmade experience classroom, handmade goodness, we have to aim to go to convey the fun of making things.
The painful but rather not work while you are making, the joy when finished exceptional.
There that there is a real thrill of making things, I want feel.
From such feelings, that themselves are alive and got a precious life, we have a great opportunity to learn while experiencing.
skills and wisdom of making those associated with eating … but it is likely to capitalize even tea.
Mean that Kanagawa, local refined tea, Ashigara tea also
his “Nirayama reverberatory furnace” in wake of the Opium War, in Japan’s various powers. Facility strengthening of military power to counter the country has been made from that was a big challenge.
The Opium War, which also listed in textbooks of history, embargo beginning with the Qing and British war of opium (drugs).
In fact, this war is the trade of tea is heavily involved. United Kingdom at the time that consumption of tea has increased had imported a large quantity of tea from the Qing. On the other hand what can be exported is small, while the trade deficit will increase. So is opium that was focused. Although the Qing had been banned the import of opium, it is now a large amount of opium is brought to the country by smuggling by the British. And United Kingdom of opium export volume to exceed the tea import volume, and developed into Qing economic crisis. Against this backdrop, I Qing began the Opium War from that was discarded cargo of British traders.
Even did bother you here, it is precisely because there is such a historical background.
Here “Kuraya Narusawa Inc.” to start the tea industry in 1954, the company organized as a joint-stock company Narusawa-ya in the next 1955.
Since then, established while performing the tea home-grown, homemade tea, nationally designated historic site, Nirayama reflection furnace next to at souvenir sales, and spread and operating range to the charcoal-grilled barbecue, the Zo-ya Narusawa Co., Ltd. in 1996 . Companies from 1997 that made the production and sale of beer and reflection furnace Biya.
Tourism is the tour as a composite management facilities that take advantage of.
Followed by Kikukawa long-established tea factory “Marumatsu tea” that just was OPEN on April 29 this year produced of tea specialty cafe
“San grams green tea & garden cafe”
“San grams Cafe”
Appropriate amount of tea leaves 3 grams of a cup of tea, the origin of the name of the shop is so it from there.
18 types of tea and sweets, dishes of Shizuoka material, Align the garden to enjoy a cup of tea, tea brewed styles and taste who also learn tea specialty cafe
I had jumped to suddenly eyes, Tower of “ice it to green tea.”
White are decorated in tones and, tea leaf color incorporating the warm lighting has become a goods well shine design.
Features of tea that is provided and sold here, without blend tea, to use a production house more drawer was “single” tea leaves the characteristics of.
Generally, tea, some of the production house of tea leaves are blended for each tea field, but is intended to be sold, here in it stuck to using the “single origin” tea leaves that are plucked with a single tea plantation You.
It is a small locality “Sayama” even harnessed likely.
Here, the lunch is to be asked to the
Here daily Kazuzen.
Pickles (bran pickles and pickles, Asazuke) are various.
Rice contains season of cooked rice, to the thickness baked egg matcher.
I feel a little lonely it is for men, but each of the material had been utilized.
And tea is a “ice it to green tea” “depth steamed tea”
Yamahira Garden’s in and I stopped in the middle of the return “Suruga Bay Numazu PA” is a demonstration of the “hand also seen tea”
In this Yamahira zoo’s Fuji Ashitakayama foot, pesticides from 2003, chemical fertilizers, herbicides no use, and so’s in farmers have a tea making, until the bathroom break time the last minute, flowers blooming in tea lecture were sisters.

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