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Management structure and strategy visit

November 27, everyone of vegetables tea industry Institute Kanaya tea industry research center agricultural technology trainees (tea industry training), was please come to our company.
Our 6-generation Takahiro also is an individual graduates.
“Diene, self-made, house sales” for the management structure and strategy visits, we were learning.
The trainee system is the only installation institutions of the country, they become the successor-leader training system for the tea industry, the purpose and the “development of tea industry successor” and “contribute to the tea industry promotion of the region.” It is operated.
Advanced technical personnel, training was arranged the guidance staff, university graduates and women, once also participated farming or employment has been working people experience, in the history of the 90-odd years, the graduates of 1200 people who went nest and beyond, excellent tea industry management at the national tea production areas, and has been active as a leader in the local agriculture.

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