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Obtained raw knowledge

Yesterday, was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, we went to “single-origin tea Festival”.
This and varieties of tea plants, the environment, such as soil and climate, which are grown, a wide variety of characters are made due to differences in the way of tea, is an event that can enjoy a variety of aroma and taste more direct.
The “single-origin tea” refers to the tea that has not been blended and flavored.
Tea leaves Sayama tea by producing area, Shizuoka tea, Darjeeling and Assam, are named, such as UVA, but several tea garden is also in these there, different taste at all in each.
Most of the manufacturers tea that has been around the world, experts a blend of tea leaves of a variety of tea, try to maintain a constant quality.
It is true that the same also in the Japanese tea.
As yourself involved in Sayama tea in the management form of “his field, self-made, house sales”, without being bound only to black tea, fine fermented tea in the fragrant varieties tea, can be re-discovered charm, diversity with the tea in all It was the day.
While talk about the importer’s and the tea leaf producers Mr. and tea, planning that can be tasting.
Each is “gem”, in books and the Internet is the raw knowledge that are not listed may be obtained, was a great time.

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