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Preparations to set tea newly

When I set tea newly, I reduce growth stimulation and a cold drought disaster, and rice straw is used for weeding, but polymulti-attention increases as rice straw and coating material with the same class above-mentioned growth stimulation effect while rice straw material is short.
As the preparations that even my family sets tea newly multi-; performed work with floor.
By the use of the multi-material, I can expect the following result.
1) According to the growth investigation four years after the permanent planting, height of the tree, stock tension, the thickness of the trunk are superior to a rice straw ward of the custom in a multi-ward, and the thickness of the trunk becomes particularly big more than 30%.
2) Tea, the second tea are in comparison with a rice straw ward best together, and a multi-ward increases the yield four years after the permanent planting 30% or more.
3) The multiplication ground temperature according to the month changes highly from a rice straw ward in the black multi-ward through the year.

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