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Quality evaluation of the first tea

On last September 8, I participated in user workshop “Sayama tea production study meeting 2018” of the processed tea machine maker sole agent.
What is a thing called the making of tea which a processed tea machine maker put together for the circulation in the thing that at first there was not at an opportunity to watch the unrefined tea which I made for commercial tea even if I can watch unrefined tea such as the competitive show exhibition?  is a study meeting to learn.
Each exhibits a thing within 5th after tea began most. The thing which an ingredient analyzes them and puts all only excellent quality together and evaluates

What’s called AF score appeared for an index of the quality evaluation this time.
A thing that it is calculated by a combination of all free amino acids and NDF (crowded for ash), and unrefined tea, the price of finish tea and high correlation are recognized.
There is it in 20-40 points of areas with the commercial tea, and it is said that it is good as an expensive article.
Our 70 points of marketing tea became the high numerical value that they exceeded.

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