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It has been this time.


“I cut a hem” before “autumn manure” application and work.
“A hem what let use nourishment and water effectively cuts hem region by cutting it” cutting the useless branch of the hem part, and dropping it; of the last joke do it for the purpose of main, but the branch of the hem region is hard to walk the space between the ribs that is not spread out in the origin of stock in the case of fertilization, and interfere in management work. Because this contributes that efficiency of the work worsens and reduces precision, even A purpose to cancel these cuts hem region, and dropping it becomes effective.
When it was an average year, “I cut a hem” after 2 Japanese tea of ordinary quality and performed を, but it has been with this time because it was lacking in the rain by the end of the rainy season having been early, and “a drought” was concerned about by a high temperature as it might be said with the abnormality.
It is the first measures to deepen an effective earth layer to use the water of an underground deep place to prevent the damage of the drought, but a method to prevent nature evaporation of the soil water of the space between the ribs to protect it from a drought becomes first. Therefore, for the purpose of making the shade between furrows, I did not put a hand until this time.
I am worth cutting down on only the amount.

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