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Rediscovery of Sayama tea in the familiar

The fact that the “knowledge of the market,” everyone is training hen us to participate to learn and manufacturing ed b Sayama, was please come to our company.
This “learn the Sayama and manufacturing Hen b” is a course that I am aware of the charm of Sayama tea, Sayama is to use the name “Sayama” from time immemorial catching the municipal administration, the charm of the Sayama tea, which has been branded, its history and it will cause preach from efficacy. And, it shows a “dream” to the challenges and the future that have been addressed to the center now to producers, and to clarify the appearance of the current Sayama tea. As a result, more and more people to re-recognize the “Sayama tea”, and is intended to lead to strengthening brand power of the future of Sayama tea.
This and the “knowledge of the market” means the aggregate of organizations that provide a place to learn for free in the center of the working people, “and learn from each other, teach” in mind the spirit of the original “on-site base point” of the “Company Aiming to build rooted in the real world the academic cooperation “as the banner” The World of Knowledge “, people You are autonomously Ikikai autonomously and gathering place for the sake of self-improvement and self-realization. Students who want to cooperate and share the philosophy and basic policy, lecturer, Friends, offered institutions, cooperation agencies, cooperation Society, is built by each of activities, such as market secretariat of knowledge.

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