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Database of the varieties

Away October 5, I went to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “on-demand varieties information provider” first times “variety matching meeting”.
This meeting, although it is not widespread almost in the market at the moment, a database of the varieties with excellent characteristics, quick addition to providing information, set up a place to accurately grasp the actual demand ‘needs, real demand and others and we will promote the matching of varieties, food industry operators, breeder’s, seed breeders, by the network, such as producers, it has been held for the purpose that it aims to build a system that provides smooth varieties that actual demand person sought It was.
Varieties introduced by this presentation training personnel, there was also announced for the varieties of tea from NARO vegetables tea industry Institute.
There was a presentation about the varieties of tea from Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station.
In the communication time, it is possible to question-and-answer session directly with the person in charge of training institutions, in the tea I was able to hear even talk of breed characteristics due to the difference in the production method.
We will be tasting each of the tea leaves, also we have received a sample for some.
It met breed this time have each a personality, you are considered to bring new life into Japan tea was “Yabukita” full commitment.
Of course, it is likely to be highly likely to come also change our management structure.

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